The next time you pull up to the pump in Amarillo, Texas, you might be tempted to roll your eyes at the price of gas. You might want to curse under your breath as you pull out your wallet and contemplate just how much of your hard-earned money you want to spend. Before you do, remember this; Amarillo, Texas is home to the cheapest gas in the entire state at the moment.

According To AAA, Amarillo, Texas Has Cheapest Average Fuel Price

If you head over to the AAA Gas Prices website, you can find a breakdown of the current price of gas in the Lone Star State. As a whole, Texas is averaging $3.008 per gallon. That's not too bad, considering the national average is $3.471.

When it comes to metro areas in Texas, Amarillo has a little bit to be thankful for. According to AAA, the current average cost of gas in Amarillo is $2.793 per gallon. That's a whopping $0.215 less than the average in Texas as a whole. That's close to a quarter.

Good News Just In Time For Early Summer Road Trips

Summer is really just getting started. Texas The Outdoor Musical is back in Palo Duro Canyon. Lake Meredith is calling all of our names for a relaxing weekend at the lake. Plus, there are all the activities the kids are involved in and the never-ending list of events happening around town.

Making all of these trips and doing all of this running around town is a little easier to stomach when the price of gas is almost $0.25 less than the average state-wide. Hopefully, this is the trend for a while so I don't sweat going to fill up every weekend before hitting the road.

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