It's been years since I've played disc golf. I haven't heard much about the sport in a long while either; until recently. Disc golf has started popping up in conversations, in social media feeds, and I even saw a YouTube commercial. I started looking to see if there's a scene in Amarillo. Come to find out, Amarillo has a lot of disc golf going on.

Where To Play Disc Golf In Amarillo, Texas?

Amarillo is fortunate enough to have a couple of disc golf courses. We've got the Disc Creek Disc Golf Course, which is a bit redundant. There's also the Grove Disc Golf Course. If you're wanting to go waste away an entire Saturday playing, you can take in both courses as you will find them near Thompson Park.

If you need gear for playing disc golf, there is a pickleball and disc golf store in town. It's called P2, and it's on Coulter in the shopping center across from Blue Sky and Teddy Jack's. Just in case you want to get a frisbee that's really built for disc golf.

Do People Still Play Disc Golf?

Several years ago, disc golf was the replacement for hacky sack that college bros desperately needed. It really felt like the same crowd. You'd head down to the park on a Saturday morning, and sure enough they'd be there with their khaki shorts and frisbees. You'd see them standing around drinking a Mike's hard lemonade or Keystone Light. Eventually, I would find myself among their ranks. It was surprising how much fun I actually had.

I was shocked to find out all these years later that people still play, and there is a pretty healthy scene for it. Remember the store I mentioned that combined pickleball and disc golf into one convenient retail location? Their Facebook page is actually a pretty good place to start looking for info.

This summer, I may just have to get back out there. It's been awhile, and it looks like disc golf isn't going away any time soon.

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