A post recently went somewhat viral locally regarding a rental house. The post described an Amarillo home that appeared at first to be perfect, then all hell broke loose. Literally. It's almost as if the home itself lured this unsuspecting family in, just so it could wreak havoc. It's quite possibly Amarillo's most haunted rental home, which is a crazy title for me to be handing out.

The Amarillo Lease Agreement...From Hell! (Buh buh buhhhh)

The story starts the same way most of these stories start. Honestly, it's a shame the Warrens aren't still around. They'd be able to take this and spin it into a novel and movie deal so fast all of our heads would collectively spin. You have a mom and her babies moving into this house and all seems peaceful and calm. The home checks all the boxes for what they're looking for. The peace is short-lived.

Soon, you have one of the kids saying how afraid they are and then things escalate even further when the entity "reveals itself" to the mother. A shadowy figure is seen running when the mom opens the front door to walk inside. The figure must have had long nails; long enough to leave scratches in the floor.

Mom winds up getting someone to come bless the house, but all that holy water and sage just pisses the ghost off even more. Mom finds out from neighbors that only one person has lasted longer than a week after moving into that house.

People start having headaches and burning sensations the moment they get near the house. What was supposed to be the perfect home for a mom and her babies turned into a supposed nightmare.

Satanic Panic Is Back In 2024 Amarillo, Texas, Believe It Or Not

At least, that's the first thing I thought after reading a message that was sent to one of the mugshot Facebook pages in Amarillo. It's one that shared this story, and someone that read it sent an anonymous message. It reads like something out of the late 80s or early 90s.

Supposedly, the reason why that house is so incredibly haunted is that there is some "satanic activity" that's been going on. According to the anonymous legend, there was a woman who lived there who started having weird anxiety attacks. She called 911,  and emergency crews showed up to find her somehow on the roof of the home. Maybe there was a nice cross-breeze and it was helping her cool down.

Also according to the bit of anonymous folklore, there were altars found in some of the closets of the home. They looked to be of the possibly "satanic" variety. The interesting thing is that some of them were found in the room the entity liked to make scratching noises in.

Is The House Really Haunted, Or Is Something Else Going On?

Honestly, who knows what's out there. It's a great story, but I don't think I'm sold on it quite yet. Maybe we'll just need to keep our eyes on the area.

I haven't put the address in this story because I don't feel like it's my job to put it out there. If you want more info, the original post is shared on the Mugshots of Randall County Facebook page. Do your own investigation.

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