It's no secret that those of us in Texas love Dr. Pepper, as we should. Dr. Pepper is a Texas original that has gone from the Lone Star State to becoming a worldwide phenomenon. News outlets have been reporting on the latest from The Wall Street Journal which claims Dr. Pepper is now the second-most popular soda in the US (or at least tied for the honor), and I'm not sure how to feel about it.

Dr. Pepper Has Finally Toppled Pepsi To Move Up The Ranks

According to the article published by The Wall Street Journal, there was no contest when it came to the preferred sodas in the US. Number one has always been Coca-Cola and right behind it was Pepsi. However, they're now saying that Dr. Pepper has climbed the ranks to become a serious contender for the crown of "America's Favorite Soda".

In Texas, it's something we've known and felt for a long time. Dr. Pepper reigns in the Lone Star State. It started out being sold in a drugstore in Waco, Texas, and has apparently become one of the country's favorite refreshing beverages.

Did They Happen To Ask Any Texans What Their Favorite Soda Is?

There's an important reason why we need the answer to this question. I'm worried that some Texans were asked or maybe someone overheard a Texan ordering a soda at a Denny's and got confused. To know why this matters, you need to understand something about the way Texans talk.

There's a solid chance if you ask a Texan what "pop", "soda", or "soft drink" they want, they're going to tell you just to get them a Coke. If you're not from around the Lone Star State, you'll come back with a Coca-Cola, and you'll be wrong for doing so. When Texans say "Bring me a Coke" they mean go get a Dr. Pepper.

Coca-Cola has such insane name recognition and is so ingrained in American culture, that Coke has just become the way to say soda. We don't want a Coca-Cola, we want a Dr. Pepper, just like we want a tissue but we call it a Kleenex.

Dr. Pepper could honestly be number one, but thanks to how Texans speak some people might get it confused and think we mean Coca-Cola when we say Coke.

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