Amarillo has a lot of options if you want to get something on the go rather than go into a brick-and-mortar store. We have an endless supply of food trucks that serve everything from Hibachi to cheesecakes, and everything in between. We have mobile coffee shops, photo studios, and I've even heard rumors of a mobile barber. This, though, is something completely different. Amarillo now has a mobile vape shop.

What Is A Mobile Vape Shop, And Why Is One In Amarillo?

A mobile vape shop is exactly what it sounds like. Think of your favorite vape shop and then stick it on top of two axles and four wheels. You now have a mobile vape shop. It rolls around town making various stops much like a food truck does.

The name of Amarillo's resident mobile vape shop is Puff N Stuff Mobile Vape. From the looks of things, they haven't been open very long and are really just now starting to hit the streets. Their website is pretty bare bones at the moment, but I have a feeling we'll be seeing more from Puff N Stuff. To keep up with the latest, check them out on Facebook.

What Do They Sell On A Mobile Vape Shop?

This is an excellent question that gets answered on their website. Puff N Stuff Mobile Vape sells a whole gaggle of CBD products that are Texas legal and tie-dye t-shirts. They were recently advertising 2 for $30, which isn't that bad considering the price of a t-shirt these days.

Hats off to the people behind the mobile vape shop for coming up with something new to the area. It's definitely something I haven't seen in Amarillo yet. Hope this works out for you and that you see success with your business.

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