In Texas, everyone loves HEB. It's a staple of the Lone Star State. Texas is also highly regarded for knowing its way around a cut of beef. One of the strangest stories of theft in Texas recently came out and involves H-E-B, a baby stroller, and almost $3,000 worth of meat. It's a wild story that plays out over almost a year.

A Baby Stroller And $3K Worth Of Meat In Texas

According to reports, the scheme played out like this; the suspect entered the HEB with a baby stroller. They made their way to the meat section and started loading the stroller up with everything from hams to steaks. They would then take the stroller to the front of the store, wait for employees to be distracted, and then left.

The crazy part is that there was an actual baby in the stroller, along with all of the meat. As if that would conceal the fact that you've got sausage links pouring out of the stroller's undercarriage. The suspect was arrested and is currently in jail.

If You're Thinking Of Shoplifting, Think Twice. They're Watching You.

The suspect in this crazy scheme had already been in trouble before and was already on the radar of authorities. Since she was connected to reports of theft at other stores, authorities were keeping an eye on her. By the time they arrested her, there was supposedly 13 active warrants. She couldn't stop stealing, and they were willing to let her continue building the case against herself.

This is something I read about recently. Some people that claim they got away with shoplifting for a long time before being caught were actually way before they realized. Authorities were simply watching them and letting the thieves dig themselves in deeper. If you ever think about shoplifting, or that you got away with it, think again.

As for the $3K meat thief, they'll probably face a long amount of time behind bars.

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