The anniversary of the end of the Red River War was on June 2. It was a war fought by Texas panhandle historical icon, Quannah Parker. The Comanche chief's legacy lives on in the Texas panhandle thanks to monuments, statutes, and even a town that was named after him. His legacy lives on in Oklahoma thanks to the Star House and, unfortunately, it is in serious danger of disappearing.

Quanah Parker's Star House In Oklahoma Sits In Ruin

According to the Save Star House website, the large home was built as a gift to Quanah Parker from Texas cattlemen. He had negotiated a deal that would allow them to graze cattle on reservation land. Burk Burnett, owner of the 6666 Ranch, led the charge to get the house built.

There is a laundry list of important historical figures who made trips out to Star House, including presidents and foreign dignitaries. The home of the Comanche chief was and is still iconic. Over the years it would eventually be moved from its original spot near Ft. Sill in Oklahoma, to where it rests now near Cache. The Star House would find itself among other historic structures and an amusement park.

Star House: From Iconic Home To Museum, To Ruin

I grew up in Oklahoma, and I remember taking school field trips to Star House. We'd spend half of the day on the bus and the other half walking around inside the historic home of Quanah Parker. I was shocked to find out the house today is not the one I remember seeing when I was growing up.

The Star House is in bad shape. It's so bad that last year it was named, for the sixth time, an "endangered place" by Preservation Oklahoma. Star Home is in desperate need of being rescued, or it may not be around for future generations to visit.

One of the issues is that where Star House sits is back from the road, so much so that it can't be seen from the road. It's also difficult to get to. Then there's the condition of the house itself. Years of deterioration and flood have not been kind to it.

The good news is that there are efforts underway to save Star House to its former glory. The hope is that it will be moved closer to the road and restored so that visitors can do what I once did, actually walk through the iconic home of Quanah Parker.

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