It's not too often that an Amarillo restaurant kind of sneaks up on me but it happened. Oh, and the reviews I have seen online have been good. The new place? It is called Quattros.

Now Quattros is located at 810 N Buchanan. It's just a few miles down from Hodgetown. So I am not sure how they got opened without many of us hearing about them but checking out the menu I am a bit excited about this one.

I grew up in a little Italian neighborhood in Chicago so seeing that they have an Italian Beef sandwich on their menu really piqued my interest. Oh, and they also have a Chicago dog. So two big menu items from my childhood.

They also have hamburgers, hot dogs, and fries on their menu. So there is something for everyone. I am curious about their onion rings. I'm kind of an onion ring snob so I can't wait to check them out. Heck, their whole menu.

I am already planning on an Italian beef, a Chicago Dog, and onion rings for sure. Then I am very interested in both the Ricotta Balls and Cheese Bites. Who is with me on these? So I am already seeing a reason to go in hungry.

Oh, or maybe I am seeing a second trip in my future. The menu is simple but yet offers so much. They even have breakfast. So, yes I see this happening in my future.

I would not have known about this place except for someone posted about it in the Amarillo Restaurant Review page:

Just had a Steak Sandwich at Quattros (810 N. Buchanan; NE corner of Buchanan and the Blvd). It was great. A younger couple just opened this up and they are serving sandwiches, burgers, and hotdogs. Specializing in Italian sandwiches.
They are closed July 3rd and 4th, but go see them! - Landon
I am going to take his advice and check them out. A little bit of home here in Amarillo.

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