In a state as big as Texas, you tend to have a lot of everything. A lot of cities, a lot of cultures, a lot of people.

One of the things a lot of people don't necessarily think about though is how many area codes the state actually has.

When I lived in Colorado, there were maybe four or five area codes for the entire state, and Denver owned two of them. Sure, you could probably fit Colorado inside Texas at least twice (maybe), but the fact they had so few area codes gives you an idea of its size.

Now, look at Texas. There are AT LEAST 27 different area codes that we use for phone numbers. Usually, it's easy to tell from an area code what area a person resides in.

You see the area code and just instinctively say, oh that's from XYZ. Texas? Yeah, you may know a few of the major cities, but outside of that, it's almost impossible to remember which area code belongs to what city or region of Texas.

So to make your life a little easier, we've compiled a list of all the different area codes in Texas, and where those area codes are based out of.

You might just want to keep this handy if you need to remember who belongs to who.

WHO CALLED? The Cities in Each Area Code in Texas

Texas is BIG. Big enough to have a bunch of area codes. Do you know what cities are in each of Texas' area codes?

Take a look, see if you recognize any of the area codes from your missed call log.

Gallery Credit: Sarah Clark/TSM

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