The ride that has been our drive-in theater here in Amarillo has been a bumpy one. The Tascosa Drive-In went up for sale a while ago. There were no buyers. They tried to keep it going. Then last season they had to say goodbye.

I think once it closed Amarillo had a bit of nostalgia over it. I mean the drive-in was a big part of us growing up. All of the fun we had at a movie theater like that. We wanted it back. We really did.

The owners of the theater put it up for auction. Oh, but wait. Not for very long. It seems as fast as they put it up it was off the auction block. So what did that mean for Amarillo? Nobody knew.

Then just days ago they teased us that maybe something was going to happen. Their featured image was changed to Coming Soon.

That did bring some excitement to the city. Did they mean what we think that they meant? Will the drive-in actually be coming back? Will we be able once again to drive in with the family to catch a movie or two? We couldn't wait for the answer.

Luckily we really didn't have to wait long. We had what we could only call a 4th of July miracle. Tascosa Drive-In made the announcement we were waiting for.  A new owner has stepped forward to take over and get it back up and running.

The Dewitz family is taking it over. If that name sounds familiar at all you may have eaten at Big Jim's a time or two. Maybe you have enjoyed their fabulous pizza. I, for one, love their Chicago Pizza.

So this is good news for Amarillo. This is great news for families wanting to get out and do something. Keep an eye out for the renovations to be done and the drive-in back and going for us to enjoy for years to come.

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