Restaurants are seeming to close a lot more frequently this year for whatever reason. We are approaching the sixth month of the year and we are adding another one to the list. This will make it six for the year.

One per month. Now the good news about this one is we have a lot of warnings. This soon-to-close restaurant will not officially close until the end of June. Now there are tons of reasons to why we lose a restaurant.

Sometimes it is because people don't seem to know about them. If they don't then guess what? No customers. That can really hurt your financial plan. Sometimes they close because the food is just not that memorable. That seems to happen too.

What we don't mind seeing is when a restaurant says they are ready to call it quits. They are happy that they have had a successful run and they are going out on their own terms.

They are wanting to retire. That is how we should lose all of our restaurants. That, unfortunately, is not how it seems to happen.

Luckily for Thai Star that is exactly how they are going out. They are simply wanting to retire after more than twenty-five years. They have definitely seen a lot over the years and they have made a lot of happy customers.

If you have been to Thai Star, 3800 E Amarillo Blvd, then you know the great food we are going to be losing out on. If you haven't then you still have over a month to give them a try.

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Congratulations on your much-deserved retirement. Thank you for many great years of Thai food here in Amarillo.

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