If you are a member of the notorious Facebook group 'AMARILLO RESTAURANT REVIEWS....AT YOUR OWN RISK', then it's important that you read this.

I am the managing editor of the websites for five radio stations in Amarillo. My staff work hard. They love their jobs. I love seeing their success and accomplishments.

But just like that old saying goes, 'no man is an island to himself', the same holds true for us at the radio station. As we always look to write about things relevant to our community, we frequently turn to this group for ideas and inspiration.

To The Group Members

On behalf of myself and my four DJs: Thank you.

The humor, the connections, the information shared, the irreverence, the drama! We love all of it. We cannot thank each member enough for being a colorful part of the content we write and the community we live in.

Whether you love us or hate us, we're grateful for everything you add to the group. Without you, we have no one to write about and no one to write for. 

(This even applies to the weird troll account who's obsessed with corn dogs. Or hot dogs. Whatever it was.)

To the Admins: Billie, Daniel, Johnny

Fearless. Funny. Brave. Rebellious. Natural leaders. The three of you have cultivated a fantastic place on social media that is nothing but pure anarchy....and it's amazing.

It has been a pleasure to see how the group and its leaders have evolved. Thank you for allowing "the radio station" to be a part of it. (I did ask HR if we could hire Billie on, they hung up on me..🙄)

I look forward to even more hijinks. Cheers! .....At Your Own Risk.

As always, if readers have concerns, questions, or good old-fashioned complaints you may contact me here.

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