It's been roughly two years since we heard about Amarillo getting this massive new sports complex off of I-27 and Hollywood out there by Bar 3. The plans for Kids Inc Rockrose Sports Park were announced and it is going to be a massive complex to allow Amarillo to have a place where multiple sporting tournaments can be held.

Eight turf baseball/softball fields, two track and field areas, five soccer fields, and more were planned. Having this complex would allow Amarillo to host more tournaments for club teams in several sports, and drive some much needed revenue into the city.

Back in November, there was talk that Kids Inc. was planning on breaking ground on the facility sooner than expected. At that point, they had raised over $18 million and in order to break ground, they needed to get to $24 million.

Since that update, it's been radio silent. We don't know if they have gotten any closer to the $24 million needed in order to start work on the project, or if they're even on schedule at this point.

I will say I did hear a rumor, and I stress rumor, that instead of getting closer to their goal, they've actually lost a little bit of funding. Like I said, this is an unsubstantiated rumor, but it is something I've heard floated around.

This facility opening would be a huge economic boom for the city. These tournaments bring in so much to cities when they're held. You get out of town teams that come in to play, thus creating the need for hotel rooms to be booked.

All these families need to eat, therefore the restaurants in the area see huge crowds and rake in the profits they need to stay open and thriving. Entertainment spending is higher too as there is a fair amount of downtime for these teams after playing their games.

It really is in the best interest of the kids and the city to be able to break ground on this facility sooner rather than later, so let's get it done!

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