The Seguin Police Department made an unusual, albeit alarming post to warn Texas drivers on Sunday morning.

A hole had appeared on the bridge deck of the overpass, prompting authorities to block off the highway and call in TXDoT repair crews. The post included photos of the large hole in I-10 as seen from US-90 below.

The comments went as well as can be expected.

To the credit of TXDoT crews, the repairs were completed and the highway was reopened to traffic by 7pm. several hours before their initial 10pm estimate.

The problem is, this isn't the only time there's been a giant hole appear on our major Texas highways this year.

I-10 in Harris County

Back in late March, TXDoT crews were called out to I-10 East at Lynchburg where two large potholes had appeared, less than a mile apart. An estimated ten cars had flat tires as a result of running over the cracks in the highway, according to news outlet KHOU.

The first crack alone was large enough that the San Jacinto River below was visible in news footage of the scene.


The cracks are the result of damaged expansion joints and the cause can generally be attributed to the wear and tear of traffic. It is unknown if wear and tear is the cause of the cracks along this stretch of highway.

Repairs were completed, but only as a temporary fix. A TXDoT spokesperson told KHOU in Houston that the materials needed for a permanent repair were still on back order, but motorists could cross the bridge without worry of damage to their tires.

I-20 in Dallas, Texas

A mere days before the cracks in I-10 flattened tires, the same scene unfolded in Dallas on I-20 near Bonnieville.

The Dallas County Sheriff's Department responded to calls of multiple vehicles with flat tires. On the scene, they found a very large pothole in the center of I-20.

According to the social media post from the sheriff's department, TXDoT crews came out the day prior and patched the pothole.....but the patch failed.

Normal? Or Cause for Concern?

Texas has a massive highway system, as is fitting for a the second-largest state in the nation. It only makes sense that the larger the highway system is, the more repairs that will need to be done.

But more concerning than typical wear-and-tear from heavy traffic is the question of how often highway inspections are done and exactly how long these materials for repairing roads properly will be on backorder.

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