I dare you to find me a Texan who doesn't love a meal from Whataburger.

It's a Texas tradition to sit in a slow-moving drive-thru line for a fresh, hot, and juicy whataburger meal with fries. But when those drive-thru lines are slow, tempers can be quick. And there's been more than a few newsworthy incidents that took place in a Whataburger parking lot.

As shameful as the desecration of our sacred fast food joint is, one does have to wonder what in the world these criminals were thinking. Take a look

Man Attacked With Axe in Fort Worth

Now, I know this had to be terrifying. Police were called out on May 9th to a Whataburger in Fort Worth where a man reported he had been attacked by a woman wielding an axe.

The victim, who was an employee at the restaurant, was on his break and speaking to a man outside when the man's alleged girlfriend took grave offense at the men's conversation, according to NBC 5.

The woman snuck up behind the employee with an axe in her hands and swung several times. The man was able to fend the woman off and walked back to the restaurant, where police were called. He was treated for the slashes on his arm and received 10 staples for the head.

He said he had no prior relationship with the couple and Fort Worth police are still searching for the two.

From Fisticuffs to Murder in Mineral Wells

Ryan Hill (left) and Tanner Woodring (right) PPCSO
Ryan Hill (left) and Tanner Woodring (right)

On December 18, 2022 a fight between three men broke out in the parking lot of Whataburger in Mineral Wells, Texas. The brawl left one man unconscious and two suspects were arrested on assault charges.

The 60-year-old victim was transported to a Fort Worth hospital where he died a week later. The assault charges against the two suspects, ages 31 and 30, were later indicted on murder charges by a Palo Pinto grand jury in December 2023.

Fresh, Hot Threats in San Antonio


A 40-year-old man brandished a gun and threatened the life of a Whataburger security guard in San Antonio.

The incident took place on October 21, 2023. Police were called out to the restaurant and viewed surveillance footage that showed the suspect driving a blue Dodge Ram and were able to obtain a license plate number.

The suspect was identified as Vincente Espinoza and he was later apprehended and charged with Aggravated Assault against a Security Guard.

Shots Fired in El Paso, Texas

Google Maps
Google Maps

On December 13, 2023 police were called out to a Whataburger at 11400 Gateway North Blvd in El Paso, Texas on reports of a shooting.

Not much information is available about the incident, but a later statement from the FBI El Paso Field office revealed that the target of the shooting was an federal HSI agent who was conducting operation activities in the area.

Two suspects were taken into custody and are probably going to be in prison for a very long time because who on earth would think it's a good idea to shoot at a federal agent?!

Two Men, One Brain Cell in Odessa, Texas

Police were called out to a Whataburger in Odessa on a 911 call stating two men wearing ski masks had walked into the restaurant, ordered food, then put a weapon on the table while they ate.

The report, categorized as 'suspicious activity', prompted law enforcement to surround the restaurant. Seeing law enforcement outside the restaurant, the two men got up to leave, stopping to throw away their trash before exiting. They were detained the moment they stepped outside.

attachment-Cruz Nava
Ector County

A subsequent search turned up a stolen firearm in the trash can along with numerous illegal substances and an assault rifle in their vehicle. The suspects admitted to throwing the weapon away in an interview with police.

They were identified as brothers Cruze Nava and Nathaniel Nava of Midland, Texas. Both were charged with various drug charges, tampering with evidence. and firearm-related charges and booked into Ector County jail.

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