Country artist Aaron Watson,  born and raised in Amarillo, Texas, and graduate of Randall High School, is coming home to perform at the Starlight Ranch Event Center.

We had a chance to talk with Aaron about life, his new music, his kids, and of course, the mustache.

Over the last 6 months, Aaron Watson grew a mustache. Hey, we are all for changing things up and having fun with your style, but it has shocked the masses.

The mustache is a big deal, in fact, the mustache is now its own personality!

Aaron is the proud dad of 3 children and two of them are following in his footsteps and the other is becoming an entrepreneur.

In the last few years, Aaron has had trouble with his vocal cords. In fact, he had to completely stop performing, touring, and even talking for months in order to help them heal. After, going through that he has a new album coming out, called Horse Named Texas

With a new album being released, you know we are going to want to hear some new music, at the show.

Aaron Watson is returning home and will be performing a fantastic show. If you haven't seen Aaron Watson live before or if it's been a while, you don't want to miss this show.

Don't miss Aaron Watson live at the Starlight Ranch Event Center. He will be performing on Saturday, June 15th. Gates open at 6 pm.

Walker Montgomery will be opening for Aaron Watson.

Purchase tickets here!

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