We are fortunate to live in a city that has a zoo.   Our Amarillo zoo is fun and has a wide range of animals.

The Amarillo Zoo has a kangaroo, camel, tiger, lion, black bear, lemurs, monkeys and many more animals.  The zoo is home to over 120 animals.

I had the opportunity a few years ago to visit the Amarillo Zoo and they let me feed the lemurs.  Those worms were disgusting.

The Amarillo Zoo continues to grow and bring more exotic animals to the Texas Panhandle.  We are very lucky to have a place like this in our city.

The Amarillo Zoo has a New Animal!

The Amarillo Zoo just welcomed a new resident.  However, this particular resident sleeps 22 hours a day and moves extremely slow, but is so darn cute.

Meet Roux

Amarillo Zoo
Amarillo Zoo

Roux is a two-toed sloth.  She resides in her new abode which is both indoor and outdoor.  Plus, she has lots of branches to hang, climb and sleep.  When you go visit the Amarillo Zoo you'll be able to find Roux near the entrance.

What do Sloths Eat?

Roux enjoys sweet potatoes, cucumbers, and grapes.

Amarillo Zoo
Amarillo Zoo

Roux is completely adorable and I cannot wait to visit the Amarillo Zoo and meet Roux.  However, I'm afraid I might have the same reaction to meeting a sloth as Kristen Bell did all those years ago.

First Slot at the Amarillo Zoo

Amarillo Zoo
Amarillo Zoo

Roux is the first sloth resident at the Amarillo Zoo and its one of the best things that has happened in Amarillo.  If it's been a while since you've been to the Amarillo Zoo, it's the perfect time to visit.


    • Adults (13 -61) - $7.50
    • Seniors (62+) - $6.50
    • Children (3-12) - $5.50
    • Infants (0-2) - FREE

Hours: Monday - Sunday 9:30 am-5:00 pm, Closed most holidays.

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