It's been a cold one in the state of Texas, in more areas than others, including Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle.  Dallas/Ft. Worth has seen some snow, and parts of Houston were covered in ice.  It gets cold.

When it gets cold and the temperatures get to freezing.  There are items you don't want to leave in your car.

Have you ever left a Coke (that's soda or pop in Texan) in your freezer to cool it off and then forget about it, only to find an extreme mess when you do, that's what it will do to your car.   Have you done the same with a bottle of wine?   Yeah, imagine that all over the interior of your car or trunk.

It's cold, and cold can destroy items.  That's why it is important not to leave certain items in your vehicle.

15 Items You Shouldn't Leave in Your Car in Texas During Winter

Let's face it we live in an area where it can be 72 and Sunny one day and freezing conditions the next. This is why you shouldn't leave any of these items in your car during winter in Texas.

Gallery Credit: Lori Crofford

We have already seen cold wintery weather all over Texas and we will see more before Spring gets here.  It's best to make sure your car is bare of the above items and prepared for winter.

Be safe and stay warm.

How to Prepare for a Texas Winter

Always be prepared! Usually, we have warnings when a large winter storm is coming to our area, however, it is always important to be prepared in case it becomes a disaster and you lose power.

Gallery Credit: Lori Crofford

Winter Weather Emergency Supply Kit for Vehicles

Gallery Credit: Mary K