Over 130 ostriches were washed away by flood waters in the catastrophic floods of Central Texas earlier this month.

Superior Ostrich is located in Valley Mills, Texas and is the largest commercial ostrich operation in America. They have marketed the the benefits of ostrich meat as an alternative to beef. As part of their mission, they boast a flock of 1,000 birds with adults, juveniles, and chicks that have free range over 335 acres.

On May 6, a post was made on the Superior Ostrich facebook page in the wake of the Bosque River Flood, stating that 130 ostriches were unaccounted for,

The next day, another post was made stating that 12 ostrich were confirmed to be located deceased, 32 ostrich had been safely relocated to the ranch and an additional 80-90 ostrich were unaccounted for.


Ongoing search efforts for the remaining ostrich unaccounted for have been conducted by volunteers with helicopters. Further requests were made asking for volunteers willing to use drones in surveying the lands between Lake Waco and Valley Mills.

Superior Ostrich ranch owner Reg Lindbergh told news outlet KWTX that the flood caught him and his workers by surprise.

“It happened during the night and the water came up real fast. A part of my crew wasn’t there at the time. By the time we got there, the birds have already been swept away,” Lindbergh told KWTX.

Lindbergh has expressed his gratitude towards the community to news outlets and on social media.

“My gratitude for people wanting to help, that’s the first thing that comes to my mind," Lindbergh told KWTX.

Townsquare Media has reached out to Superior Ostrich to find out how many ostrich remain unaccounted for and will update with a response.

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